White Crane Aquatic Plants Co., Ltd.,

 we are the exporter of aquatic plants for over 30 years with more than 200 species of aquatic plants in our 20 acres cultivated area, where located on the Suwintawong Road, Chacheongsoa province. With thirty years experience, it made us have an expertise in aquatic plant for both domestic market and exporting to foreign countries. We made to order according to all customer needs. We also guarantee in fast service with high standards and high quality for customer satisfaction.










White Crane Aquatic Plants is a family run farm that specializes in large scale cultivation of aquatic plants. We have decades of experience and acres of land that we can produce high quality plants on a large scale. With a strong focus on popular as well as uncommon stem plants, White Crane is able to service customers across the globe on a consistent and regular basis. What sets this company apart from the competition is their strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. By working closely with our customers, we are able to foster strong relationships and build successful partnerships throughout the world.

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